"Straight from the Camera" - 21st March

09th March 2018
On the 21st March we have an internal fun competition
– "Straight from the Camera".

The object of the exercise is to show your technical ability with your Camera, and not your skills in Photoshop

Whilst here are few rules, the main one is #4

1. Print only competition – no limit to number of entries per member
2. Any size print acceptable – does not need to be mounted
3. The image can be cropped if required, but
4. It cannot not have been processed in photoshop, that means no straightening, no removals, no additions, no nothing)
5. Bring the original RAW/JPEG image on a memory stick for the judges to view on the night
Judges will be Bill & Andy

If anyone has questions about the rules, see Bill or Rob at a Club Evening