Reminders - New Session starting soon.

17th July 2017
With the new 2017/2018 Session only weeks away, there are still lots of chances to take photographs before we start back.

Think about shots for one of our early meetings -

Postcards/Image Manipulation Night – 13th September

Share your summer adventures with the members. Bring along a memory stick on the night with digital images (format to 1920 x 1200). Be as creative as you wish – add text, use multiple pictures, just like a normal postcard.

Image Manipulation – we are looking for 4-6 volunteers (who will remain anonymous), to process 4 RAW images. Object is to show that we all see images differently. This exercise was well received last year.

Straight from the Camera – 21 March

New competition next year. Your technical ability to get the picture correct in camera is required (no sloping horizons etc.), not your ability with Photoshop. There will be minimal use of post-processing allowed. It will be an ‘open’ competition and you will submit a 10” x 8” un-mounted print (to keep the cost to a minimum). To prove your lack of Photoshop use, you will also submit the original RAW image on a memory stick. Bill Crookston will judge the entries, and there will be a trophy for the winner. Full details to follow.