League Competition 1 'Open'
05th October 2017
Wednesday 4th October was League Competition 1 "Open".
A total of 21 A Prints, 0 B Prints, 19 Mono Prints, 36 Digital A and 24 digital B images were internally judged by Members.
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The New Session has started
07th September 2017
Great to see everyone getting together again on Wednesday night as the Club met for the first night of the new Session.

Next week -

Postcards/Image Manipulation Night – 13th September
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Reminders - New Session starting soon.
17th July 2017
With the new 2017/2018 Session only weeks away, there are still lots of chances to take photographs before we start back.

Think about shots for one of our early meetings -

Postcards/Image Manipulation Night – 13th September

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Summer Update
02nd June 2017
Just a few reminders during the Summer gap between sessions.

Gryffe CC will have a stall at the Houston Show being held on 3rd June.
While there are some willing helpers, feel free to come along and support both the Club and the Show. Keep fingers crossed for good weather.

In advance of the start of the next session, here are a few notable dates to remember.

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Annual Competition 2017
03rd May 2017
Wednesday 3rd May was our Annual competition, which was externally judged by Guy Phillips. A total of 19 A Prints, 3 B Prints, 19 Mono Prints, 33 Digital A and 9 digital B images where submitted.
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Triptych Digital Panel Competition 2017
13th April 2017
Wednesday 12th was the Digital Triptych Panel Competition.
The panel competition was in a Digital format, with member's entries being a single digital image containing 3 photographs on a single theme.
There were 19 A entries and 4 B entries.

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League Competition 5 'Open'
05th March 2017
Wednesday 1st March was League Competition 5 'Open'.
A total of 16 A Prints, 6 B Prints, 18 Mono Prints, 24 Digital A and 15 digital B images were externally judged by Bob Collins.
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League Competition 4 'Water, Food, Geometric, Classic, Mono'
07th February 2017
Wednesday 1st February was League Competition 4.
A total of 16 A Prints, 5 B Prints, 20 Mono Prints, 36 Digital A and 18 digital B images were Internally judged.
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Change to Syllabus January 2017
19th January 2017
Unfortunately the Speaker for the following night has had to cancel.

25-Jan - SPEAKER - David Walker - Glasgow's Hidden Treasures (Slideshow)

There will still be a meeting, but we will replace the night with some tuition and "Ask the Expert" items

Please remember it is also the Digital entry night for the League Round 4 Competition.

Themes are - Water, Food, Geometric, Classic, or Mono

Entries can be any one of these subjects and do not have to be combinations.
League Competition 3b 'Open'
05th January 2017
Wednesday 4th January was League Competition 3b.
A total of 18 A Prints, 3 B Prints, 20 Mono Prints, 37 Digital A and 17 digital B images were Externally judged by Roy Smith.
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League Competition 3a 'Open'
08th December 2016
Wednesday 7th December was League Competition 3a.
A total of 18 A Prints, 3 B Prints, 18 Mono Prints, 37 Digital A and 17 digital B images were Internally judged.

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Reminder .....
08th November 2016
Tomorrow night - 9th November.

Lecture being given by Ken Lindsay.

First half will be ‘Making the most of your Images’ then after the break he will demonstrate ‘Advanced Photoshop Techniques’

Should be a good evening

Please note -
The ‘Ask The Expert’ session listed in the Syllabus for 16th November has been postponed until 14th December to avoid clashing with the George Simpson Trophy being on the 16th.
League Competition 2 'Scapes'
03rd November 2016
Wednesday 2nd November was League Competition 2.
A total of 16 A Prints, 3 B Prints, 19 Mono Prints, 33 Digital A and 24 digital B images were Externally judged by Roy Gibson.
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League Competition 1 'Open'
06th October 2016
Wednesday 5th October was League Competition 1.
A total of 17 A Prints, 3 B Prints, 15 Mono Prints, 39 Digital A and 18 digital B images were internally judged by Members.
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Ask the Expert
12th September 2016
Wednesday 14th September will include an "Ask the Expert" session at the Break to start the regular Question and Answer "Blog".

If you have any questions you would like asking on Wednesday, please use the Contact us form on the website and they will be forwarded to the team before the night.

All questions and their answers will then be posted on our "Ask the Expert" page for all to benefit from.
We have started back ..........
09th September 2016
The Sessions have started for 2016 and 2017.

A full and varied programme for the coming year
All laid out on the Syllabus page so you can get the dates in your diaries for the best selection of talks, presentations and speakers that the Club has ever seen.

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Sad News
18th August 2016
It is with regret we must advise that Tom Seggie passed away on the 13th of August 2016.

The funeral will be at Woodside Crematorium in Paisley at 12 noon on the 25th of August 2016.

Friends are welcome to attend.

I am sure you will join with us in sending our sympathy and best wishes to Tom's Family.

Thank you to Alison Seggie, Tom's daughter, for letting us know.
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Start-up and Guest Speakers during September
18th August 2016
We start back on 7th September 2016 with the Welcome night and Members evening.

On 14th September 2016 we will see Member's "Postcards" from their Summer outings.

Soon after the start of the new season we will have 2 outstanding Speakers.

On 21st September 2016 Simon Butterworth – "Landscapes"
On 28th September 2016 Stephen Cosh – "Street Photography"
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13th July 2016
Hello to all Members Past and Present.

Just another reminder that we start back on the 7th of September with our Welcome night.

The "Holiday Postcards" Project during Summer

On the evening of Wednesday 14 September we are asking for a digital display of ‘Postcards from My Holiday’

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Annual General Meeting 11th May 2016
08th May 2016
Members are hereby notified of the Annual General Meeting of Gryffe Camera Club and the Agenda is given below. You are encouraged to attend the AGM as decisions voted for during the meeting will determine the way forward for the 2016/17 year.
Gryffe Camera Club A.G.M.
Wednesday 11th May 2015 at 7.30 pm

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