League Competition 4 'Emotions / Five Senses'

08th February 2018
Wednesday 7th February was League Competition 4 "Emotions / Five Senses".
A total of 21 A Prints, 4 B Prints, 15 Mono Prints, 28 Digital A and 15 digital B images were internally judged by Members.

A Prints
1st place – A. Stark
2nd place – B. Crookston
3rd Place – K. Cummings

B Prints
=1st place – Christine Kyle
=1st place – C. Kyle
3rd Place – C. Kyle

1st place – K. Cummings
=2nd place – A. Stark
=2nd place – M. Johnston

Digital A
1st Place - A. Stark
2nd Place - M. Martin
3rd Place - A. Stark

Digital B
1st Place - R. Miller
2nd Place - R. Logan
3rd Place - C. Arthur

The final scores for the league competitions can be found here and the winning digital images can be found here