Gryffe Camera Club was founded in 1986, started by a small group of photographers who had recently completed an evening course in photography at Craigends School in Linwood. In that first year it joined the Glasgow District Photographic union and the Scottish Photographic Federation in 1987.

The club’s first darkroom was a garden shed erected by the club in Craigends School. 1988 saw the club move to St. Conval’s School in Linwood and soon after another move to Gryffe High School. Yet another move followed in 1991, this time to Johnstone Community Halls and during the first season in the Halls, Gryffe won the GDPU Inter-Club Slide Competition and hosted the Renfrewshire Competition.

1992-93 saw Gryffe retaining the GDPU slide trophy and with 45 members the expanding club’s need for a darkroom became more and more pressing. Early in 1993 the Community Council acquired the Old School in Houston and Gryffe CC became a partner in the development of the building for community use. Funds for kitting out a darkroom were successfully gained and by November 1994 all of the capital items had been purchased and the Old School had become the permanent home that the Club had long required.
More recently, the Old School is better known as "The Carrick Centre", which is easily found on the main street through the village and has good parking and facilities.
The 1995-96 session saw Gryffe CC lift the GDPU slide trophy for the third in the club’s first ten years.

The Club also plays an important part in the local community, supporting Summer Fetes and organising a highly successful annual inter-schools photography competition.

Gryffe CC enjoy a broad range of meetings, speakers and competitions,keeping the year interesting for members with a wide range of ages and experience.

Now established for over 30 years, Gryffe CC continues to evolve and keep pace with different styles of photography, but always rooted in helping members develop their skills and enjoy their hobby.

As a well respected Club, both in the locality and in the West of Scotland Photographic Community, Gryffe welcome new members each year, injecting new ideas and experience.