Each year the club runs a series of internal club competitions, open to club members. The club also participates in various inter-club competitions.

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Link to pdf of competition rules Gcc Competition Guidelines 2016

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2017-18 League Competition Results after Round 5 - FINAL POSITIONS

A Prints
1st - M.Johnston(106 points)
2nd - P.Allan(105 points)
3rd - K.Cummings(61 points)
4th - A.Stark(35 points)
5th - T.Bailey(31 points)

B Prints
1st - C.Kyle(47 points)
2nd - Christine Kyle(11 points)

Mono Prints
1st - M.Johnston(120 points)
2nd - P.Allan(86 points)
3rd - K.Cummings(56 points)
4th - T.Bailey(54 points)
5th - A.Stark(53 points)

Digital A
1st - M.Martin(99 points)
2nd - B.Crookston(61 points)
3rd - M.Johnston(59 points)
4th - K.Cummings(47 points)
5th - R.Calvert(45 points)

Digital B
1st - C.Arthur(100 points)
2nd - R.Logan(97 points)
3rd - R.Miller(90 points)
4th - C.Kyle(64 points)
5th - Christine Kyle(29 points)