Annual Competition 2017

03rd May 2017
Wednesday 3rd May was our Annual competition, which was externally judged by Guy Phillips. A total of 19 A Prints, 3 B Prints, 19 Mono Prints, 33 Digital A and 9 digital B images where submitted.

The winning digital images can be viewed here

A Prints
1st Place - K Cummings
2nd Place - P Allan
3rd Place - B Crookston

B Prints
1st Place - R Logan
2nd Place - R Logan
3rd Place - R Logan

Mono Prints
1st Place - P Allan
2nd Place - A Stark
3rd Place - B Crookston

Digital A
1st Place - A Stark
2nd Place - A Goold
3rd Place - R Calvert

Digital B
1st Place - B Martin
2nd Place - B Martin
3rd Place - R Logan